Novoron Bioscience Teams with Expesicor to Develop Neuroregenerative Compounds for Epilepsy and Alzheimer’s Disease

SAN DIEGO and KALISPELL, MT,  July 24, 2018 -- Novoron Bioscience, a private biotechnology company developing novel therapeutic approaches to address disorders of the central nervous system, announced a strategic partnership today with Expesicor to develop Novoron’s novel compounds to treat epilepsy and neurodegenerative disorders. Expesicor has extensive experience in drug development for neurological disorders, ranging from preclinical to Phase II clinical trials.

“We are thrilled to work with Expesicor to further develop our compounds for the benefit of those with epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and other neurological disorders,” commented Travis Stiles, PhD, CEO of Novoron. “Expesicor’s unique expertise and experience in both AD and epilepsy is a huge value-add in expanding our pipeline beyond multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury.”

“We’re excited to be working with Novoron’s world class researchers to develop their unique compounds to treat, and perhaps even cure, epilepsy and neurodegenerative disorders. In just a short time, this collaborative effort has already borne fruit, which tells us we’re on the right track.” said Expesicor CEO Braxton Norwood, PhD.

About Novoron Bioscience

Novoron Bioscience is a private biotech company developing novel therapeutic approaches to address disorders of the central nervous system. The company has made proprietary scientific discoveries in treatment of various pathologies of the central nervous system and is advancing a pipeline of biologic therapeutics for multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury and glaucoma. Novoron is headquartered in San Diego and is part of the JLABS innovation community. For more information, visit

About Expesicor

Expesicor is a privately-held Montana-based company focused on preventing, treating, and curing neurological disorders. Expesicor’s development pipeline includes proprietary therapeutics, imaging probes, and drug screening tools for epilepsy, neurodegenerative disorders, depression, and other brain disorders. For more information, visit

The Johnson & Johnson Under 40 to Watch List: 6 Young Trailblazing Scientists

SAN DIEGO, October 31, 2017 – Johnson & Johnson recently identified six young scientists working toward the next great breakthroughs in healthcare.  Novoron Bioscience's CEO & President, Dr. Travis Stiles,  was named one of the six.  Dr. Stiles founded Novoron to develop drugs that promote regeneration of the brain and spinal cord, thus reversing the devastating consequences of nerve damage.  If successful, Novoron's two current drug development focuses - a remyelination drug for multiple sclerosis and one to restore function following spinal cord injury - will result in first-in-class therapeutics for both conditions.    

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Dr. Stiles Named 2016 Catalyst by Biocom

SAN DIEGO, September 13, 2016 – Novoron's CEO & President, Dr. Travis Stiles,  was recognized by Biocom: Life Science Association of California, in conjunction with the San Diego Venture Group, with a 2016 Catalyst Award.  The award identifies accomplished and up-and-coming academics, entrepreneurs, investors, corporate leaders and business advisers who are making their mark on San Diego's life science industry before reaching their 40th birthday.  10 Winners were chosen, while Dr. Stiles was one of eight honorees to receive Honorable Mention.

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Innovative Neuroscience Company Shows at RESI Challenge

BOSTON, September 13, 2016 – Novoron Bioscience took home 3rd Prize in the 2016 Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Innovation Challenge.  Novoron was one of 30 life sciences companies to compete in the challenge, which included enterprises in the Therapeutics, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Technology Platform and Digital Health categories. Novoron is developing first-in-class neuroregenerative treatments for conditions of the central nervous system and is currently focused on multiple sclerosis (MS) and spinal cord injury therapeutics. 

Novoron CEO and President, Dr. Travis Stiles commented, "Finishing as well as we did in the RESI challenge in the company of so many other incredibly innovative companies is an honor.  We feel really good about our momentum going into 2017."

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Novoron CEO Addresses MS Groups in New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND, May 20 & 22, 2016 – Dr. Travis Stiles, Novoron's CEO and President, delivered presentations on remyelination and Novoron's novel drug development program in New Zealand last weekend.  The first presentation was delivered in Auckland to MS Auckland.  Dr. Stiles then traveled south to Christchurch to address MS New Zealand.  Thank you to both groups for being incredibly hospitable.  Also, special thanks to MS Translate for planning and facilitating the presentations.

View the Auckland presentation here >

Novoron Recognized as Innovative San Diego Biotech

SAN DIEGO, May 4, 2016 – Two local magazines have recognized Novoron as an innovative company in San Diego’s hot biotech hub.

Our City San Diego named Novoron in the magazine’s list of 25 leading life science companies that could positively impact the San Diego economy in the coming years.  This article featured notable biotech companies including Illumina and Dexcom, with over 30 years combined experience creating innovative and life changing products, as well as Human Longevity, Inc., led by Dr. Craig Venter.

“To be included with these prestigious companies is very exciting for us. Recognition like this is a reflection of all the hard work by the Novoron team and our supportive collaborators," said Novoron CEO and President, Dr. Travis Stiles.

Hatch, San Diego Magazine’s new innovation and tech-focused magazine, highlighted Novoron’s research on RhoA protein and how it could support neuronal regeneration in spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis.  The article featured 25 Very Important Proteins (VIPs) that are being investigated in the San Diego area to help understand human disease and develop novel treatments.

Novoron Bioscience is a startup biotech working to develop the first ever neuroregenerative therapies for conditions such as spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis. Their novel technology also garnered attention earlier this year when Novoron was recognized by Xconomy as one of the 12 San Diego life science companies to watch in 2016.

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Novoron Presents at Neurotech Investing & Partnering Conference

BOSTON, April 6 & 7, 2016 – Now in its 11th year, the Neurotech Investing and Partnering Conference is the premier partnering and investing conference for the neurotechnology industry including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, software and diagnostics for the brain and nervous system. 

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Xconomy Recognizes Novoron as San Diego Life Science Startup to Watch in 2016

SAN DIEGO, February 9, 2016 – As 2016 gains momentum, Xconomy reporter, Bruce Bigelow, takes a look at the life science landscape and recognizes a dozen innovative biotech startups to watch in 2016. 

Novoron, recently awarded a NIH Grant to evaluate new treatments for multiple sclerosis, was selected as a company to watch for it’s innovation in development of novel therapeutics for disorders of the central nervous system.  

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Novoron Bioscience Awarded NIH Grant to Evaluate New Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis

Goal of research is to test whether inhibiting Rho kinase via receptor-associated protein will promote remyelination  

SAN DIEGO, December. 22, 2015 – Novoron Bioscience, Inc., a private biotech company dedicated to developing new therapeutics for disorders of the central nervous system, today announced that the company has been awarded a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program.  The NIH grant totaling $680,000 will fund preclinical studies to evaluate a novel therapeutic approach for promoting remyelination in multiple sclerosis (MS) for two years. Novoron has received six NIH grants, totaling more than $1.2 million, to test new therapeutic approaches in neurological disorders, including MS, stroke, and spinal cord injury.  

“These NIH grants are invaluable in helping us advance our novel therapeutic approaches, addressing fundamental limitations in the treatment of disorders of the central nervous system such as multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury and optic neuropathies,” said Travis Stiles, Ph.D., President and CEO of Novoron Bioscience.  “We look forward to the opportunity to continue to extend our unique technological approach to CNS disease and assess our capacity to promote remyelination and preserve neuronal viability in multiple sclerosis.”

MS is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system where the immune system attacks the protective coating of nerves in the brain and spinal cord, known as myelin. This process is known as demyelination, which is irreversible in MS, and the primary cause of disability and death in this disease. Without proper myelin protection, nerves cannot efficiently transmit information, and will often die, leading to loss of critical human functions such as vision, movement, and speech.  With more than 2.3 million people globally fighting the disease, MS is one of the most common diseases of the brain and spinal cord and is the most common neurological condition affecting young people.

“Today’s approved therapies are aimed solely at dampening the autoimmune attack on myelin, but there are currently no approved treatments to repair damage after an attack has occurred,” explained Dr. Stiles. “Our approach shows substantial promise towards repairing this damage, a process known as remyelination, which not only protects neurons from further damage, but can lead to recovery of cell function and prevention of death.”

Under normal conditions, when the brain faces an insult such as trauma to the head or environmental toxicity, oligodendrocytes, the cells responsible for creating the myelin coating, can die and leave an unattended myelin sheath to degrade and fall apart. Under such circumstances, the body has a reserve of cells known as oligodendrocyte precursor cells (OPCs), which readily infiltrate the area of damage and take the place of lost oligodendrocytes, synthesizing new myelin and repairing the damage. However, in MS, persistent myelin debris coupled with the inflammatory consequences of immune infiltration inhibits the ability of OPCs to create new myelin. This is caused by an unwanted activation of a molecule called RhoA, which is the target of Novoron’s therapeutic approach.  

“Rho and Rho-kinase are well considered targets for multiple sclerosis, but are difficult to effectively inhibit therapeutically in the brain. Novoron’s technological foundation relies on our unique approach to targeting RhoA in a fashion that is amenable to disorders of the brain and spinal cord,” concluded Dr. Stiles.

Novoron’s lead compound, NOVO-117, acts on a previously unknown mediator of RhoA activation in CNS disease, LRP1 (low density lipoprotein-related protein 1). This grant will provide the necessary proof of concept to validate further pre-clinical development of NOVO-117 as an MS therapy. 

The grant is supported by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) at the NIH under Award Number R43NS092182. The content of this press release is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.

About Novoron Bioscience

Novoron Bioscience, Inc. is a private biotech company developing novel therapeutic approaches to address disorders of the central nervous system. The company has made proprietary scientific discoveries in nerve regeneration and is advancing a pipeline of biologic therapeutics for spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and glaucoma.  Novoron is headquartered in San Diego and is part of the JLABS innovation community.

For more information, please email, or connect with us on Twitter @NovoronBio.


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